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We understand that the loss of your pet is a difficult thing to endure. Allow us to help you create a special resting place for their ashes with this beautiful memorial urn. These urns can store ashes of a dog that was 60 to 95 lbs.


White oak and cedar were used to craft the urns. Two of the urns (one cedar and one white oak) are basic while the other two have names. The names "Felix" (white oak - cat) and "Ginger" (cedar - dog) are engraved on the top of the personalized urns*. A phrase "Dogs leave paw prints on your heart" is engraved on another (oak urn). 


The wood of each urn is finished with polyurethane. To add your pet's ashes, simply open by removing the screws from the bottom.  


*Please note these are clearance items in our inventory and the choice of a personalized urn is not applicable.

Pet Memorial Urns

    • Exterior Dimensions: 8-3/8" x 5-3/4" x 4-1/2" height
    • Weight of Urns
      • Cedar Urns - Approx 1 lb 7 oz. 
      • Whtie Oak Urns - Approx 2 lb 4 oz.
    • Stained and Finished with Polyurethane
    • Ash Storage for Dog 60 to 95 lbs.
    • Two engraved with names (Felix or Ginger)
    • "Dogs leave paw prints on your heart" engraved on 1 oak urn 
    • Opens from the Bottom of Urn (fastened by screws)
    • Made in the USA
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