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It's a dirty job...and YOU gotta do it!

Let's face it. Cleaning up after your dog is..well..gross. We get it! If you use a regular old 

pooper scooper, you end up with dog poo on it that needs to be taken care of later. 

Which leaves the only other alternative of? Yep, hand-in-a-bag (beware of the holes!). 

And if you just use your bare hands..well that's just wrong!


Yes, it's a dirty job and you gotta do it! At least you should do it...and for good reasons.


Dog waste can contain harmful bacteria and parasites which spread disease. Having that filtrate into groundwater or end up on the bottom of a shoe into your home puts your and other's health at risk. Also, did you know that most cities have laws that require dog owners to pick up after their dog's waste?​ Not doing so could leave you in deep doo doo (pun intended).

The Scoop on the Scooper

This scooper is one of a kind providing a quick, safe, and convenient way to pick up doo doo! 

If you'd like to purchase the scooper, but aren't interested in joining the club you can still do

so by going to our store


To learn more click on the pictures below.


Bells and Whistles

In addition to it's sweet scooping capability this scooper has some additional features..   

The Scooper (on video)

Prefer explanations in video? No and enjoy!

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