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Pickin' up for a good cause!

Need more motivation to clean up after your puppy pinches a loaf?


The Doo Doo Baggie Club believes it's very important to support our local animal shelters and humane societies. We're dedicated to giving back 20% of our profit to the organizations that our members are passionate about. Yep, that's how much we value it!​

When you sign up you're given the option as to which shelter, rescue, or humane society you'd like us to give back to during your membership. Just fill that out and they'll receive periodic payments throughout the year all because you're picking up doo doo!

We also give back to animal shelters with online store purchases from non-members!

Just fill it out the shelter you'd like us to give to during your checkout and 20% of the profit we make from your purchase will be sent to it.

Become an Affiliate!

Become an affiliate with Doo Doo Baggie Club and earn money by promoting us! Individuals can earn 10% for every successful referral while qualified non-profits (501c) may earn more! Simply apply here and upon approval start promoting and earning cash!

Become an Afflia
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