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Is your pet dealing with chronic arthritis in it's hip and joints?


Hip & Joint Health provides your pet relief using nutritional substances from whole elk velvet antler. This incredible supplement is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, along with collagen all found naturally within elk velvet from Rocky Mountain Elk that was farmed humanely in the USA.


Velvet antler promotes joint health, muscle recovery, strength and endurance, a strong immune system, increased energy levels, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation.


Collagen (a protein) is what makes the glucosamine (a chemical) and chondroitin sulfate (a naturally occurring molecule in the body) work; your pet will receive more and faster results with Hip & Joint Health than any other product on the market!


This product doesn’t cover up the pain; but rather rebuilds the joints. It takes the swelling out of the joints, allowing your pet to use them more freely. Therefore, it does take some time to see results. However, the longer you give them to your pet, the better it works. Some pets will see results as soon as two weeks, while others will take longer. The results though are REAL; you will see them in your pet! Complete restoration of of the joint typically occurs in 3 months of using the product.


This product may be purchased as a one time purchase ($36) or as a monthly subscription ($33 per one bottle per month), both with no shipping cost. During checkout use coupon code FREESHIPPING so the $4 discount may be applied to cover the delivery of supplements. Customer may cancel subscription after 90 days of purchase.

Hip and Joint Health Supplement

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Bottle
Save $3 off regular purchase price
$33.00every month until canceled
    • Premium Grade A Velvet Antler
    • Elk Herd Humanely Raised on Stress-Free Enviroment
    • Elk Raised and Product Made in USA
    • 100% Whole Freeze Dried
    • Shelf Life - 12 to 24 months

    Elk Velvet Promotes the Following in Pet:

    • Joint Health
    • Muscle Recovery
    • Strength and Endurance
    • Strong Immune System
    • Increased Energy Levels
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Blood Circulation
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