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Have one of those neighbors that seems to keep forgetting to have a baggie on hand when they're walking their dog by YOUR HOUSE? Oh...and then the dog proceeds to go in YOUR YARD? Hey! Why not help them out by encouraging them to doo their doo-ty?


These adorable baggie dispensers come in six types of dogs, or a dog-themed mailbox, and can be fastened to a mail box post or wooden fence. Otherwise, you can display them proudly in your home, giving yourself a cute reminder to doo your doo-ty when you go for a walk with your poochie. Baggies (one roll) are dispensed out of the doggie butts or mailbox slots. On the other end of the dispensers there's storage space for 4 to 5 rolls. Standard dog waste bag rolls may be used.


The dispensers come with an angle bracket (6"x"6) and wood screws to fasten them to wood posts. This product is proudly made in the USA!

Doo Doo Dispenser