Use these dog waste bags with your Doo Doo Baggie Scooper (or by other means) to scoop up your poochie's mess! Baggies are made with EPI Technology to biodegrade within 1 year. Each box comes with 14 rolls (20 baggies per roll) for a total count of 280 baggies. Baggies are unscented and leakproof. No cardboard cores are used in the rolls to maximize bag amount and reduce waste. 

Doo Doo Baggies

    • EPI technology plastic
    • Coreless rolls, leaving no waste
    • 280 Bags (14 rolls - 20 bags/roll)
    • Color: Blue, BPA Free
    • Leak proof
    • Bag Size - 9" x 12"
    • Unscented