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Has your patience run thin on finding an actual product that your cat would dig it's claws into rather than your brand new living room carpet or bedroom curtains? Well, we have an alternative that may do the trick!


Our cat scratch pads are made with a realistic synthetic turf grass that your cat will love! The polyethylene fibers of the grass provide an extremely durable surface that will withstand the deepest claw dig. Spray some catnip mist (provided) or spread some of your own catnip to encourage your cat to really engage with it. Choose between a blank grass surface or one with a cute cat image.


Also, for a limited time, when you purchase a cat scratch pad we will include one item of people gear (scrunchie or headband) and one item of pet gear (cat bowtie or cat bandanna) with a matching pattern of your choice!


With this product we offer a 90 day satisfaction or your money back. If your cat isn't using the pad simply send it back to us and you'll be fully refunded. Oh...and you may keep the pet and people gear!

Cat Scratch Pad

    • Made with Synthetic Turf Grass
    • Base is Hardboard
    • Cat Image or Blank
    • Aproximately 2' x 2'
    • Grip pads underneath to prevent slipping on smooth surface
    • Comes with Catnip Mist
    • Also choose a Scrunchie and Cat Bowtie (see patterns pic)
    • 90 Day Satisfaction or Money Back
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