A club quite unlike any other

Based on the name alone you can bet that the Doo Doo Baggie Club is unique. We feel picking up after a dog's doo doo has gotten a bad rap, and quite frankly..a crappy one. Yeah it's a dirty job; but why not make the best of it AND support your animal shelter while you're at it?!

 Our club exists to make cleaning up after your canine's poo a more quick, safe, environmentally friendly, and convenient thing to do. Not only that, we decided to go one step further and help your animal

shelter financially in the process.  Picking up your pooch's poop will never be the same! 

Wanna join? To become a new member, you can sign up online or at a partnering non-profit animal shelter near you (shelter locations). Once you've signed up, we'll ship you a free state-of-the-art scooper (learn about scooper), dog leash, harness, food & water bowls, doggie toy and a 6-month supply of biodegradable Doo Doo Baggies.


The scooper has a 100% warranty as long as you're a member. Just bring it into the shelter where you got it and they will replace it - no questions asked. 

Throughout your membership, 20% of the proceeds we receive from your monthly payments will go directly back to the shelter you signed up! How good of a feeling is that?

Want one more incentive? How about exclusive member deals on our online store?

Sign up today an begin to receive deals via our email newsletters.

Not ready to join but want that sweet Scooper?

FINE! Be that way....just kidding... Seriously though, if you're not ready to become a club member but would still like to purchase the state-of-the-art scooper (or anything else in the kit) head over to our Shop.

Please be aware that the 100% warranty on the scooper is not included if you purchase the scooper at our store.

Club Member Benefits

  • No Fee to Sign-Up​

  • State-of-the-Art Scooper is free

  • 100% Warranty on Scooper

  • Free Dog Leash and Harness

  • Free Food Bowl, Water Bowl, and Doggie Toy

  • Doo Doo Baggies are Biodegradable

  • Cost of Doo Doo Baggies - $4.99/month (Charged Monthly)

  • Free Shipping*/No Tax on Doo Doo Baggies

  • Your Local Shelter Shares 20% of our Profit (Paid Out Monthly)

  • Exclusive Member Deals on our Online Store


* At this time we ship by USPS with the US. Free shipping is only available for orders shipped within the 48 contiguous United States.


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